Hello & welcome

to my official website!


I like to think of this space as more than just a place to grab a copy of MORE or You Loved, but a way for you to stay current with upcoming shows, events and other musical happenings, check out new videos, connect with me via Instagram™ and Facebook™, and see what’s cooking on my Pinterest™ page (seriously…I love to cook!).  

This is where you can follow my random daily thoughts (aka Tweets) or my more meaningful compositions on my blog, where I chronicle this season of life. Come along on my travels sharing “Prayers & Songs,” speaking faith and encouragement from my journey.

This is not just a place for you to connect with me but for me to connect with you in return! Here you can share your stories with me, let me know how different songs have impacted you, or just share some of your experiences from shows and events.

For me, this road goes further than music and worship ministry. The trail has already given me opportunities and a burden for missions, youth and women’s ministries. Who knows, our paths might even cross if they haven’t already!  If you’d like me to come to your church, group or conference for an event, check out my Contact page!

Incredible music is a noble goal but it falls far short of eternal. 18th century composer, George Frideric Handel said it much better than I when someone in the audience of his London premiere of “Messiah” tried to compliment him on what a “noble entertainment” it was. Handel corrected him by saying: “I should be sorry if I only entertained them; I wished to make them better.” It is my hope that the stories I share in MORE, You Loved, and Crimson to White, and the Prayers & Songs I've written encourage you toward your own prayers, drawing you closer to God and ultimately inspiring you toward mountain-moving faith.