If verse and melody involuntarily emerge while storms rage all around, you’d better grab a pen.

It is during these times that Kayla finds most of the inspiration for her refrains, capturing the beauty that can be found amidst the fray. What started as a journal of God’s conversation with a surrendered heart has become the foundation of each of Kayla’s songs.

In retrospect, this is not surprising as the roots of Kayla’s harmonies run as deep as her family tree. Families singing in a country church, gathering around a second hand piano, crippled fingers on a pawn shop accordion and being sung to sleep to seafarer’s hymns have traced their way into her tones.

At the age of six, Kayla remembers listening to an Amy Grant cassette, holding the album sleeve, and declaring, "I'm gonna do that someday."

Encouraged by early efforts, including collaboration with Matt Dally of Superchick, her first EP, Waiting to Live, was recorded in 2004. Kayla’s formal music education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music from Belmont University in Nashville. 

Early influences by R & B and Neo-Soul singers Brandy, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey shaped her sound while working with producers Melza Jordan, Earl Powell, & Fred “Toxic” Taylor contributed to her development as a studio singer and songwriter.

Though Kayla's musical tastes and styles are eclectic, loving to sing & write in multiple genres, her passion for youth & women's ministries, & worship music have been the driving force behind her sound. As she has continued to pursue her dreams, Kayla has remained faithful to her lineage, voicing her abiding belief in a positive, impactful message. 

Kayla released her first full-length worship album, Prayers & Songs, in 2014, mixing the first inspirations of Jaci Velasquez and Rachael Lampa while incorporating contemporaries Brooke Fraser and Kari Jobe. Lyrically, the songs reflect the soul depth of Sara Groves while featuring powerhouse vocals and an element of a Britt Nicole like pop.

Kayla's most recent releases, affectionately known as The Love Project, included three albums (released in one year) that each inspire LOVE.  The first album in The Love Project series, You Loved, was her debut Pop EP, sharing her personal trials and triumphs in love, challenging her listeners to choose love no matter how many times they've had their hearts broken. Because, no matter what, love is always worth the fight, and in the end, you'll know that "you were brave because you loved."

The second release, MORE, was Kayla’s full-length, sophomore worship album. In MORE, Kayla’s heartfelt cry to be closer and more like Christ is heard throughout. Much like Prayers & Songs, Kayla transports listeners from the uncertainty of life’s storms to the throne of God with the quiet reflection of lilting melodies and the driving tempos of powerful songs of praise. Scripture-based lyrics spare her audience from tired clichés, providing assurance of God presence in the middle of trials.

The third album, Crimson to White, was Kayla’s debut Christmas EP. Crimson to White includes fresh arrangements of Christmas classics, and an original Christmas song as well. While Crimson to White is a Christmas album, each new arrangement can be enjoyed year round, as the songs draw listeners into a spirit of reflection, inspiring an attitude of thanksgiving for the true meaning of Christmas.

Currently, Kayla is writing her next album and shares her excitement for what’s to expect;

“I’m using a completely different approach this time. All other albums have flowed out of me, and I didn’t go back and over-analyze the form or the lyrics, I just let it be raw and real. With this project, I’m taking my time. I’m writing songs and rewriting them. I’m going for a completely different sound, so I want to make sure I get it right. It will also be my first concept album, so I’m really excited about that. Overall, I believe it will be an album that anyone can identify with. Most of us live our lives, not on the mountain top, nor in the valley, but somewhere in the middle; in the mundane. This album speaks to that; choosing to worship God when He’s not so…obvious.”